Guest Book for Charles Malcolm

Provided by Pendleton Pioneer Chapel, Folsom-Bishop

Posted by: Willard Steenhout
Thu September 17, 2020
To Judy and family.  So sorry.  Chuck was a great help to me, more than I realized at the time. Some thoughts.
My boss, Chuck Malcolm
I was 24 years old and just got my GS5 permanent appointment with the Forest Service in Sweet Home, Oregon. I had worked several summers as a temp and for what ever reason had not developed very good work habits. I could blame district leadership or what ever but Chuck taught me it was my responsibility and he was going to show me how to change. Chuck had been sent to Sweet Home from Blue River to make some changes.  Well he did.  He told us what the survey production was going to be next season and we would accomplish it and more. Or else. I didn’t think it was possible to complete 2 miles of finished P line survey a week but we did and more with his watchful eye.  When Chuck gave you the look (we called it the “Hawk” look) you knew you were gonna get it done.
Chuck did more to help me get my act together and become a useful employee than any boss I have ever had before or after.  I admired him. In 1993 when the Forest Service was culling all forest management technicians in engineering and timber sales I was forced to retire early.  Chuck was already retired and came to my retirement and said he was sorry the agency had ended like this.  The only person on the Umatilla to tell me that as my career was dumped. Thanks again Chuck.  
I’m sure Chuck seen that Blue River had burnt and that would have been as much a reminded to him as it is to me that you can’t stop all forest management and expect to “save” the forest.  
I have something I got from Chuck and at the time didn’t know what a good trade I had made.  I had won a new Polaroid Land Camera and Chuck traded me his High Standard 22 pistol for the camera.  I still have the gun Chuck.
Willy Steenhout 80 years old
Homer, Alaska